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Our Philosophy

Our approach to therapy, counselling and coaching is solution focused, short term, customised, directive and empowering.

At some point in our lives we all face crossroads that require us to change or adapt. The crossroads differ… A career choice, deciding to forgive someone, battling with negative feelings, longing to improve yourself, struggling to communicate or helping your child in the right direction… What all these situations have in common, however, is the difficult process of change and adaptation they require and causes depression, anxiety, low self esteem, low self power and a sense of having no control. Using professional guidance is a responsible and sensible way to take control at your crossroads – opting for effective change and adaptation rather than unnecessary trial and error.

After all – when you need financial advice you make an appointment with an accountant, when you have the flu you see a medical doctor, when you need legal help you contact a law firm. We pride ourselves in being the best in professionally assisting clients with change and decision-making!

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” From time to time we all become stuck in old, unhelpful ways. At these moments we can either keep banging our heads against the same old walls, or we can choose to incorporate new knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques to make a difference and improve our lives. Sometimes it is crucial to understand what is happening and find the root/origin of the problem. Understanding important decisions we made along the way that is driving us forward but becoming outdated or working against us need to be adjusted or changed or restructured. We might often experience strong negative symptoms, depression, anxiety and find it difficult to understand the origin or might even think it is the core issue. Often it is the sub conscious telling the body that something is wrong, outdated, not working and need to change. No change comes without frustration and therefore we aim to direct that frustration to change.

We believe that success is not measured by the number of times we trip or fall, but by the courage we show when we choose to rise again and learn from our experiences. For us the greatest role models are not these without flaws or difficult circumstances, but the ordinary people who were brave enough to learn and grow – despite their challenges. These are the true heroes of our time.

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