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Psychologist: Elmien Aspeling

Elmien Aspeling

Elmien Aspeling has been running a private practice as Psychologist for 13 years.

She has obtained various international qualifications since opening her practice in 2004 to enhance her scope of practice and expertise as psychologist. She has pulled together a group of 7 psychologists working on her premises to provide a multi-disciplinary team able to serve all clients. She is the founder and executive director of COREFORMATION started in 2015 assisting companies with performance psychology work and potential unleashing of people, the core of any business’s success. She has published work in the field of adjustment after divorce in single parent families. She has been involved in writing articles for magazines regarding psychological topics in the past. She appeared on a KYKNET production for a few episodes as an expert opinion on various topic in the psychology field. She has been involved in various initiatives in the industrial psychology world with selection, change management, workshops, presenting, identifying core problems as well as restructuring in organizations. She has obtained several additional qualifications in the psychology field apart from her Master’s degree.

In the private practice of her career she has conducted well over 8000 therapeutic sessions in the past 14 years. She believes in continuous growth of herself as individual, her professional capacity. Her practice constantly grows not only in the number of clients but also in knowledge, expertise and multi-disciplinary connections with other medical professionals and experts in the field of holistic health.

Please view the services her practice offers, her philosophy as well as her qualifications.


Associate Psychologist: Ilé Schutte

Ilé Schutte

Ilé has been in full time private practice for three years. Her approach is characterised by a person-centered stance yet she is goal-oriented and determined to assist her clients in the best way possible. She views clients from a holistic perspective, incorporating various approaches and techniques to suit the client and address the need of the client. These approaches include the following:

  • Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA)
  • Medical Hypnoanalysis (MHA)
  • Impact Therapy
  • Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment (MAC) approach

Ilé works with teenagers and adults addressing various difficulties such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem problems, sexual identity problems, eating disorders and more.

She has extensive experience in Couples Therapy and she is also qualified to do Sport Psychology with athletes on any level (amateur to professional).

Please view her qualifications.


Associate Psychologist: Lauren Leon

Lauren Leon

Meaning is not something you stumble across. It is something you build into your life” – John Gardner

So often we find ourselves stuck in our lives, unhappy but at the same time anxious and fearful about making real and lasting change. Uncertain about what change is needed, what direction to go in and whether the change will bring happiness. In therapy, enabling clients to create meaning and purpose in their lives assists them to make a change and live a fulfilling life, despite the challenges faced. You are the only one who can create a unique artwork, that will be your life. Let it be a life that has dignity and meaning for you.

Therapy and Assessment for both Teenagers and Adults:

  • Needing to make a change in life (divorce, marriage, moving, career change, promotion etc)
  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships such as work relationships, partners, family and extended family
  • Difficulties in performance areas such as sport performance, work performance and academic performance
  • Self-discovery and personal growth

Additional Services offered

  • Subject choice, career choice and career change assessments
  • Personalized Training Workshops
  • Supervision
  • Reduced rates for student and intern psychologists
  • Corporate wellness, training and development
  • CPD accredited workshops

Please view her qualifications.


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