Rates and Fees

Elmien Aspeling, Psychologist in Centurion, is accredited with all medical aids.

For detailed info about our rates and fees, please contact us directly.  As professional psychologists accredited with the National Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), we are accredited with all medical aids (Board of Health Funders / BHF registration).  We are based in Centurion.

Fees are charged per hour consultation @ recommended rates by BHF.

  • Option 1:  Cash payment per consultation @ cash rate.
  • Option 2:  The practice will claim from your medical aid  (preferred).
  • Option 3: EFT at the end of the month for all consultations completed in that month (preferred).

Below an indication/estimation of fees: Please contact and finalise with your therapist after a process has been agreed on.

  • Therapy consultation @ R800 – R900 per 60-70min session (processes average between 6-8 sessions).
  • Couples intervention @ R800-R900 per session (6-8 sessions)
  • Set process rates for medical hypno-analysis @ R5400 – R6300 (6-8sessions/3-4 double sessions)
  • Full career assessment, feedback and report @ (3,4,5 battery assessment) – R2800 to R3600
  • Parental guidance workshop 2-3hours R1800 (Booster follow up sessions recommended x3 @R800 to R900 per session)
  • Study method training workshop 2hours R1800 (Follow up sessions recommended x1 @R800-R900 per session)

Fees might vary depending on Psychologist expertise, duration of consult and additional services provided.

Clients are responsible for ensuring that funds are available before proceeding with the process.  A legal contract will be signed prior to first meeting in order to ensure confidentiality and commitment to payment regulations.

All appointments not cancelled will be charged in full.